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 PADS Lake County + Housing First + you!

   PADS Lake County has been providing shelter for the homeless since 1987. 


Housing First is a concept that puts formerly chronic homeless people directly into housing. It's had tremendous success in Lake County, and housed over 100 people. Nationwide, over 319,000 have thrived through permanent supportive housing!


You can help END Lake County chronic homelessness with $10 a month.




What Is Chronic Homelessness? 

According to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, a chronically homeless person is an individual with a mental or physical disability experiencing


A: homelessness for over a year straight




B: Four separate events of homelessness within the last 3 years that add up to over 12 months.

The Housing First Difference

Most low income housing programs have extremely high barriers to entry for the average chronic homeless person.  

They require:


  • Complete sobriety

  • No criminal background

  • Employment

  • Frequent job searches

  • Reconnection with family

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 3.23.46 PM.png

on the surface level, these requirements may seem reasonable

But try fulfilling them when you have NO money, transportation, or place to live.

If that doesn't sound difficult enough, try adding a mental or physical disability to the equation.

Life is hard enough without being homeless. 

That's why Housing First makes getting a place to live easy.

How It Works 

Your monthly $10 tax deductible donation provides... 




And that's just the beginning...


In order to ensure sustainability, Housing First provides resources in areas of mental health, finance management, medicine, food assistance, hygiene, community inclusion, transportation and  job training.


And with an average 85% of participants never returning to homelessness, we know it works!

In order to keep ONE homeless person living on the street, The Central Florida Commission On Homelessness found that it costs a community $31,065 per year.


Why so much? Homelessness increases use of public services like hospitals, shelters, police intervention,

courtrooms, and sadly- even jails. It adds up very quickly.


In contrast, actually solving the problem with Housing First is 3 times less expensive with an average cost of  $10,051.

The bottom line?

It costs $10 a month.
But the feeling of knowing YOU changed someone's life?
That's difficult to put a price on.



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